Hello I'm mimakos!

A nerd? A greek guy? A music maniac? Yes people that is me!

Random facts


K- Pop

Random Facts

★A music maniac (listens to music at least 8 hours a day and he dont even have spotify account)

★A loyal and trustworthy friend!🌹

★Fave color → Blue

★Groups i stan: MAMAMOO, BTS, BLACKPINK, Winner, Stary Kids, Twice and Red Velvet (also EVERGLOW).

★An early discord user that loves building and moderating servers!

★I dont really like social media i only have an insta account with 52 followers😋

Hello yall! As some of you might know, im an owner of a discord server that hopefully has 50+ members! Im talking about "ARMY World" a BTS themed server.

🌼┊𝐀𝐑𝐌𝐘 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝༄♡

ATTENTION everyone! Are you an Army? Do you like BTS? Are you a DISCORD user? If so, this server is made for you!

[❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼

Because we provide:

💮A fully moderated, friendly and non toxic community!

💮Helpful and kind staff that are waiting PATIENTLY to give you their help!

💮24/7 Kpop and POP radio stations that play NON STOP your favorite songs!

💮Aesietical made channel names and roles!

💮Weekly music events and MOVIE EVENTS!

💮Lots of updates on the server happening every week!

💮QOTD, Never have i ever and other games happening daily in the server!

[❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼

Back in servers history:

💐We were a rlly small music server that WAS completely inactive😓 But now these days have passed and with your help we will even reach 1000+ members!!! (Our task)

[❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼


🌷We have multiple channels that are dedicated to each of the members, just for your images and gifs.

🌷We even have bias and bias wrecker roles that will customize your profile with your biases!

🌷We have also included 24/7 channels that give information about comabacks, other info and cool future projects of our gods, BTS .

🌷There are also: KPOP games with BTS

[❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼 [❀] 🌼

So what are you waiting for? STOP reading other ads and....
🌹🌹🌹JOIN NOW🌹🌹🌹

Here is a small list of all the Kpop groups i stan and my biases:

★BTS→Bias all 7
★Red Velvet→Irene

Solo Artists:
★Other idols from groups that had solo debuts/ comabacks